Problem I made a function about random backgrounds And those images will unique as possible. (Shuffle again after all gone) […]

Problem I am working on an special version of Secret Santa with internal sub-groups. Typical Secret Santa (SS) requirements: Cannot […]

Problem This is a cut-and-dried Fisher-Yates implementation. As not typically a JS developer, I’ve tried to incorporate as many best […]

Problem This is the Haskell version of my recursive Fisher-Yates shuffle in JS. import System.Random pick :: Int -> [a] […]

Problem This is an answer to this problem. Basically, given an array, swap the given number of elements in the […]

Problem Like most teams, we take turns to speak in our daily stand-ups. When we gather around the sprint board, […]

Problem I developed a simple deck shuffle and drawing system, as a test on how to use collections and learn […]