Problem Input : <h2>{translate} Dear Atteck {/translate} <br/></h2>{translate}Please complete registration</h5> {/translate} Output : <h2> Дeaр Аттeҗк<b/></h2>Плeaсe җомплeтe</һ5> Main code: private […]

Problem public String getDatePeriodtext(boolean userCanJoinAndLeave, Date startDate, Date endDate) { String text; if (!userCanJoinAndLeave) { text = getText(getLocale(), “no”); } […]

Problem I am using the below function for converting the accented character to a standard ASCII user name. function transliterateString($txt) […]

Problem I am using this script to detect the most prefered language by the user. function Get_Client_Prefered_Language ($getSortedList = false, […]

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