Problem I used the following code: #include<vector> class UltrasonicRecorder { public: UltrasonicRecorder(int referenceValue, Input referenceInput) : _referenceValue(referenceValue), _referenceInput(referenceInput) {} std::vector<int> […]

Problem I’m trying to write a function to replace the standard std::stod(…). I want to parse the following valid inputs: […]

Problem This is a follow up to where I do the reverse conversion. This time around it is string […]

Problem The “integer square root” of a non-negative integer n−−√ n : 9223371982334239233−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−√≈3037000490.9999996957524364127605120353 9223371982334239233≈3037000490.9999996957524364127605120353 (computed with PARI/GP). The following implementation […]