Is there a better way to write this jQuery UI effect animation?

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I’m writing some code to perform some simple form validation and I would like to display error messages inside the actual relevant textarea by means of a text fadeout/fadein effect.

To achieve this I am using jQquery UI to do the following:

  • Step 1: Animate the color to match the background colour
  • Step 2: Modify the text to show the error message then fade it in
  • Step 3: Fade the error message out, change the text back to its
    previous content
  • Step 4: Fade the text back in
  • Step 5: Finally, Focus the textarea and put the cursor at the

This works fine, however to do this I have had to nest a lot of anonymous function which is something I really don’t like to do.

Is there a better way of achieving the same effect?

if (replyto == body) { 
    $textarea.prop("disabled", true).animate({ color: 'rgb(41, 41, 41)'},500, function(){
        $textarea.text('Please enter your reply here')
            .animate({ color: 'white'},500, function(){
                    .animate({ color: 'rgb(41, 41, 41)'},500, function(){
                            .animate({ color: '#a7a7a7'},500)
                            .prop("disabled", false)
    return false; 


Pull it out to a function?

$.fn.textFadeSwap = function(newText, body, customColor) {
    var $this= $(this), 
        transparentColor = $this.css('background-color') || 'transparent',
        originalColor = $this.css('color') || '#000',
        customColor = customColor || '#000';

    $this.animate({ color: originalColor, 500, function(){              
            .animate({ color: transparentColor},500, function(){
                    .animate({ color: originalColor},500, function(){
                            .animate({ color: customColor},500)

if (replyto == body) {
    $('textarea').textFadeSwap("Please enter your reply here", body, '#a7a7a7')

You could create a function that will set up the animation of text or color and then just call it a few times to set up your animation:

$.fn.animateIt = function(color, text) {
    var that = $(this);
    if (text) {
        that.queue(function(next) {
    if (color) {
            color: color
        }, 500);
    return that;

$textarea.animateIt('rgb(41, 41, 41)')
    .animateIt('#FFF', 'Please enter your reply here')
    .animateIt('rgb(41, 41, 41)')
    .animateIt('#a7a7a7', body)
    .queue(function(next) {

Gets rid of the nested functions.

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