Function to show/hide a menu on hover

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How can I make this code snippet be improved to become more professional?


  $.fn.showMenu = function(options){

    return this.each(function(){

      $this = $(this);
      var high         = $this.outerHeight(),
          scrollHeight = $this.get(0).scrollHeight;

        $this.animate({height:high}, function(){

  }//the end of $.fn.showMenu




You could also use .hover, if you are going for shorter code.
Jquery Hover

  1. Proper Indentation. You shouldn’t need the //end of fn comment. Just indent that entire block.

  2. $this = $(this) needs a var statement.

  3. You wrap your code in a function, which is good, but you need to call that function. The last line should be })();

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