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I have a string, for example: dashboard/12398911/overzicht and I want to check that string for 2 values. For dashboard and overzicht. If the first check is false, then the second check doesn’t need to happen.

This is my current code:

private pageTypes = ['dashboard', 'klantenkaart', 'complexkaart', 'objectkaart', 'collegakaart'];
private subTypes = ['overzicht', 'tijdlijn', 'contracten', 'financieel', 'mededelingen'];

private isOnPageWithFilter(currentUrl: string): boolean {
    for (const pageType of this.pageTypes) {
        if (currentUrl.includes(pageType)) {
            for (const subType of this.subTypes) {
                if (currentUrl.includes(subType)) {
                    return true;
    return false;

I was wondering if there’s a way of doing this where I don’t need a nested for loop.



You can simplify it by using Array.prototype.some method and lazy evaluation of && operator

const pageTypes = ['dashboard', 'klantenkaart', 'complexkaart', 'objectkaart', 'collegakaart'];
const subTypes = ['overzicht', 'tijdlijn', 'contracten', 'financieel', 'mededelingen'];

function isOnPageWithFilter(currentUrl) {
    return pageTypes.some(x => currentUrl.includes(x)) && subTypes.some(x => currentUrl.includes(x));

console.log(isOnPageWithFilter('')); // false
console.log(isOnPageWithFilter('')); // true


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